Lemon Heaven

Vampire Lemon

It was a day that will never be forgotten. One of those days that was burned into your brain. And this one truly was.

It all started when you went out early in the morning before the sun had even started to go up. It was around 6 in the morning and you had woken up earlier then normal so you headed out into the back yard to water the plants. You were staying at your grandmother’s house out in the country for the summer and she had left yesterday morning for a test at the hospital over the weekend. She was very sick and they wanted her to say over night. You had been there to help her around the house and other thing that a woman her age could not do. Like watering the flower and fixing things.
As you water the veggies that were places off to the side you could see into the forest that lined the back of the house you had never gone into the woods but you would before you grandmother came back.

Just as you were done watering all the plants the sun begun to come up and out of the forest came a running man. He looked like he was running from something a scared look on his face and he held a black jacket over his head.

He ran right passed you into the back door of the house. You were shocked and scared what was he running from and why was he now inside you home. You tried to calmly walk into your home but once you got in the door was slammed shut.

"Keep the door closed!" A raspy voice said from behind you.

You spun on your heals to get a look at the person behind you. It was a man with dark purple hair and crimson colored eyes. Right off the bat you knew to have crimson colored eyes was odd and they had to be contacts.

"What are you doing in my house?" You said trying to hold as much strength in you voice as it could.

"The sun..." Was all he said before stopping him self.

"Yeah, what about it?" You replied looking at him oddly.

"Never mind... Do you mind if I stay here until it goes down?" he asked kindly looking over at you with hope in his eyes.

"ummm..." You did know what to say to that. "What's so wrong about being out in the sun?"

"Give's you cancer don't you know" he said lightly laughing.

"No... Really you seem scared of it... Do you have a condition or something?"

"Or something," he replied. "So can I stay just till it goes down then I'm gone you have my word."

You thought for a minute he seemed harmless and what if he had a disorder that would not allow him in the sun. You had read about those and it seemed wrong to throw him out into the sun like that it could kill him.

You nodded. "You can stay."

"Thank you" he said happily. "umm cued you close the curtains before the sun gets to high."
You nodded again and closed all the curtains in the room which was a small study with a computer and a book case with a small sofa.

"Thank you" he said letting out a breath and taking a set on the sofa. "My names Seth by the way."

"______" you replied giving your name. "Would you like something to drink or something?" You asked trying to be nice.

"No thank you I'm just a little tired." he replied and now for sure you knew he had an accent. A English accent to be exacted.

"well you can sleep in one of the guess rooms if you like."

"That's all right this sofa will do fine."

"OK... I'll be upstairs if you need me just give a call."

He nodded before laying on the sofa and closing his eyes.

You walked up stairs and into you room pulling out a book and sitting on you bed to get down to some reading.

~Seth's POV~
It was hard to be in the house with such an attractive woman. He could hear her blood running through her veins and he was hungry. When she asked him if he would like a drink he almost laughed. But the hunger was getting the best of him as he could hear her heart beating upstairs. Not only was he hunger for her blood but his lust billet up inside him, and he did not think he could last much longer.

~Your POV~
The book was boring and you grew tired of reading so you laid down on you bed just staring at the ceiling. Nothing really was going through you mind as a small knock was heard on your door. You looked at it oddly then remembered the man down stairs. You quickly got up and opened the door.

Before you could say anything a pare of cold lips were on your in a strong kiss. You tried to pull away not sure how to act but cold arms held you in places. There was something about the kiss that made you want more but you tried to fight that. Before you could fully understand what was going on you were kissing him back. A smirk worked its way onto his lips as he moved one hand behind your head and deepened the kiss.

You were finally able to pull away a breath. "What are you doing?" you asked some what out of breath and confused.

"Kissing you" he replied smirking following you as you backed up.

"Yes, I know but why?" you only stopped walking when the back of your legs hit the bed.

"Because I can" his voices was dangerous sounding and it made him seem hotter then what he all ready was.

"And what if I don't want you too?" you swallowed a lump in you throat as he came so close his body was just barely touching yours.

"You can't hide it I can see you want me... I can smell it in your blood." he inhaled deeply by your neck sending shivers up and down your spine.

"What are you?" you asked breathlessly but as the words slipped from you moth you already knew. The sun, the eyes, the blood, his cold skin... It all made sense now what he was.

"I think you know" his smirk grow as he read your thoughts.

"But that can't be your not real!" you tried to push him away but his hands shot up and grabbed your wrist.

"Oh but I am ______" he leaned in close so his lips were barely touching yours. "Do you want me?"

something inside you jumped and fell under some short of spell as you replied with a simple nodded.

"I knew you would see it my way." He kissed you deeply making you heart jump into the air you weren't sure if it was out of fear so out of pleaser but a small moan left your lips.


His cold fingers let go of your wrist and were placed on you hip as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He kissed down from your lips to your neck and it scared you because of what he was. A vampire.

"Don’t worry I don’t plan on doing that... unless you want me to." he said into you neck then kissed it lightly before returning to your lips.

His cold hands worked there way under your top. Touching the smooth skin on your stomach and lower back making gooses bumps start to appear.

His tongue ran over your bottom lip and your lips slowly parted for his warm tongue to slip in and play. You gasped slightly as your bra claps was undone and a cold hand attacked one of your barest and the other hand was on your back holding you in places. His fingers started to play with your nipple making the nub hard to the touch. A moan left your lips as he bit your lip lightly and then went to you ear.

"I love the way you taste" He whispered sliding his hands down your body to the end of your shirt and pulled it over you head letting the cold air nip at your skin. Then he slipped of your bra as he nibbled at your ear.

You did the same sliding your hands down his top and sliding it over his head. Taking in the magnificent that was his body you cued feel your self drool (you not really drooling that would be wired lol) His body was in any word HOT. But there was a bloody bandage on his left arm and you looked at it oddly he was a vampire so how was he bleeding?

"Some things can hurt a vampire I just happen to run into one." He replied to your unspoken question. You toke off the white bandage looking at the small but deep cut.

"Does it hurt?" You asked.

"More then it should." he replied looking anywhere but you. The bad memories filled his mind of the event that gave him that cut and that made him lose so many friends.

"Why wont it heal?... I mean your a vampire... so it should heal, right?" you asked felling stupid.

"Yes but... I need blood for it to heal" He did not want to tell you he was weak. And now he did not even want to be there.

"You can take some of my blood" you said suddenly feeling cold and naked.

"Only if your 100% sure" he said setting on your bed looking up at you.

 you nodded then sat on his lap and pulled your hair to one side tilting your neck over so he could see your hole neck.

"Your to nice for your own good you know that?" he said jokingly turning your head to kiss you lightly. Then kiss his way down to your neck holding you close to him. "This will hurt" he whispered.

"I can take it" Your replied getting aroused by the breathing on your neck.
Slowly his teeth pushed into your skin the pain was little and the pleasure was great. Something about it aroused and captivated you. You could feel the blood leaving you and entering him. When he had enough blood you could see the cut on his arm heal right before your eyes. He bit the tip of his own tongue and licked the cut he left on your neck. Just enough to heal you and not turn you.

Now he cued feel your blood flowing in his veins and it only made him want you more. He kissed your soft lips again but with more passion then before.
With in seconds you were on you bed with Seth on top of you. His kisses were deadly due to the fact that they drove you crazy. Your hands wondered over his body and tugged at his pants. With quick hands he had undone the buckle along with button and zipper, he slowly and teasingly pulled down your pants. His lips made there way down your neck as you worked on his pants.

Seth's lips found a nipple and he began to play with it. Licking, nibbling and rubbing it making you moan every time. You finally got off his pants seeing that he had no underwear on and his staff stud tall.

Not being able to wait any longer Seth ripped off your underwear and placed himself at your opening.

"Are you sure?" he asked lust in his voice. He was unsure that if you said no he would be able to control him self now. But he would try.

"...Yes..." you said after think it over. sure you did not know him but something was there that would not let you back down now. And Seth was relieved by your answer and he pushed into you.

A huge moan kind of scram left you lips But Seth covered them with his own. He stayed inside of you unmoving for a moment. But his lips were now like hot fire as he kissed you. With out a warring he began to trust in and out at a fast and hard rate.


You gasped at the feeling of bliss as you dug your nails into his back. He kept thrusting hard and fast lust over powering and the feel of your nails in his back made the lust only grow. His lips found yours again in heated passion and he kissed you wildly. You kissed him back with the same intense passion as your hips met his in each thrust. A moan escaped your lips into his mouth as the feeling in the pit of your stomach started to grow and said ways of pleasure through out your body. His hands moved to your barest as he groped and played with them starting to go harder. As he slammed into you more moans left you lips and you arched you back up almost there. He had to hold himself back from going harder like he wanted to so he wouldn’t hurt you. You bit his shoulder making him moan and slam hard into slow and hard. With each slow hard thrust the bed hit the wall. You put your hands up on the head bored to keep your head from hitting it as you moaned loudly.

“Oh, Seth.” You moaned out.

This made him slam harder, “Oh god ____.” He said almost losing control of how hard he was going.

“Please harder.” You said panting for air.

You didn’t have to ask him more the once. With in seconds he was slamming into you harder then before his penis going as deep as it could. You moaned loudly almost scramming in the pleasure as you arched your back up hitting your climax. The feel of your climax triggered his as he moaned loudly pulling out of you quickly and cumming just as he left you. You laid there panting for air as he laid on top of you.


When the sun went down Seth left, it was as simple as that. Or was it? Will the sex hungry vampire be back for another go in the sheets? Or is he truly gone?